Service... beyond the Prescription




           The benefits of medication to our senior population and patients are unquestionable – they can greatly enhance the quality of life. But if they’re not used as prescribed, medications can present serious health risks.  Our pharmacists carefully examine the care provided to each patient to ensure optimal drug therapy through the discontinuation of unnecessary or inappropriate medications and recommendations for wellness opportunities and under-treatment issues.

            ActiveRx Consultant Pharmacists take into account the complex interrelationships between disease states, nutrition, medications and other variables and guide physicians to necessary changes. 



           Active Care is a unique part of ActiveRx because we offer:


        -  Continual support and qualitative feedback to physicians.

        -  One-on-one in-home education and counseling to patients.

        -  Ongoing patient care, Home visits, and frequent telephone calls.

        -  Discretion when handling an individual patient request and unique requirements.



           All while upholding strict patient confidentiality.

  All services provided to the elderly, low income families and the disabled would be free of charge.